Recycline Recycling Initiative

Recycline, an initiative to reduce PVC-u waste by 100%, provides a complete service for Kömmerling fabricators to ensure window profiles are efficiently recycled. Using the latest processing technology and a full integrated collection and distribution system, fabricators and their customers can enjoy sustainable windows with minimal disruption.

Recycling The European PVC-u industry, Vinyl 2010 initiative, actively encourages members to invest and realise the advantages of recycling and Recycline does exactly that. Recycline, a profine Group recycling initiative, directly tackles many environmental and legislative issues whilst delivering a cost effective service to all fabricators.

Due to its unique properties, PVC-u is widely recognised as one of the best and most fit-for-purpose materials for windows and doors. Durable for 50 years or more PVC-u can tolerate all weather conditions and extreme temperatures. PVC-u once discarded, however, may last for hundreds of years without degrading in landfill. Rather than dispose of a valuable and durable material, Recycline endeavours to recycle PVC-u, significantly reducing the burden on landfill sites.

The Recycline Process
  1. Partners of the Recycline initiative dispose of all off-cuts and other profile waste produced in allocated cages, which are located onsite.
  2. Once the cages are full with profile waste, they are collected and emptied by Recycline lorries.
  3. Recyline lorries then transport the waste to the processing plant where both the PVC-u and rubber is ground into granules.
  4. The granules are then put through a sortex machaine which separates the PVC-u granules from the rubber.
  5. PVC-u granules are then transported back to Germany to be reprocessed into PVC-u.