Guiding Principles

Holistic thinking - At KÖMMERLING, holistic thinking does not just encompass the unity of the product range, but also the complete product cycle, from research and development to production to correct installation all the way to the environmentally friendly concept of recycling. It's a complete process.

Environmental consideration - The environmental consideration of KÖMMERLING products begins with the selection of raw materials. Profile manufacturing is state-of-the-art and meets all applicable legal regulations of today and tomorrow. As a shareholder of Rewindo GmbH, a window recycling company, KÖMMERLING has committed itself to contributing to the tried-and-tested method of recycling used windows and post-production PVC waste. Disposing of packaging material also is carried out in a closed recycling circuit.

Partnerships - KÖMMERLING places high priority on developing solid relationships with its partners and engages in consultation work, which is the reason a wide range of seminar programmes are offered in the areas of economics and technology as well as practical workshops across Europe.

Quality - The company has a comprehensive and detail-oriented quality system that ranges from product development to sales. Critical product inspection is carried out by independent testing laboratories. The ISO 9001 quality assurance certification was awarded by the British testing laboratory BSI.

Operational efficiency - In addition to the various applications and designs that are possible, a long product life cycle as well as minimal care and maintenance of our products are prerequisites for operational efficiency.