Energy Savings Calculator

Kömmerling has just launched an innovative and unique energy savings calculator, which enables consumers and specifiers to estimate the cost and carbon dioxide savings of installing certain types of window including 58mm, 70mm and 88mm frames.

Much has been talked about the potential costs savings of new windows in the UK and European markets, not just replacing old draughty single glazed timber windows, but also elderly first generation PVCu ones. Given the fact that most companies are all claiming various degrees of ‘econess’ the carbon saving element of the calculator is an interesting and valuable statistic.

The energy savings calculator takes into account the total window surface area, type of windows to be replaced, proposed new windows and estimates their ‘U’ value. Once this has been established then you can input your choice of heating material used and the price per kilowatt, the calculator then adds a nominal annual price increase. The results are then calculated showing the savings in year one in terms of money and carbon dioxide reductions and this is then extrapolated over 20 years.

A typical house with 25m2 of glazing with first generation PVCu double glazing, upgrading to a new 5 chambered Kömmerling C70 or O70 Gold system, would save approximately £369 per annum with the resulting reduction of 1.328 tonnes of CO2.

To find out for yourself, spare a minute and click on the hyperlink below. 

Energy Savings Calculator